Worthier (by far) than Arafat

Come professors, judges, please heed the call: Patterico requests your assistance: “Please nominate Patterico for a Nobel Peace Prize.” He explains:

I’m not asking because I think I somehow deserve it. I just want to mock the idea that being nominated is some great distinction. For example, I keep reading that murderer Stanley “Tookie” Williams was nominated for one, as if this is somehow relevant to whether he should be executed.

It’s not — because anyone can be nominated.

Frey adds a helpful P.S.:

[W]hat will the application say? Well, if I were really trying to get it, you’d have to make some claim that would really impress the committee. You could say, for example, that I have killed more people than Tookie Williams and Yasser Arafat put together. But since I haven’t really killed anyone, you could simply note that fact, and argue that I am therefore even more “peaceful” than Arafat.

We wrote about Nobel Literature laureate Elfriede Jelinek in “High anxiety” and “Nobel Literature prize goes to Communist.” Thinking along the same lines as Patterico, I’m wondering if we might be able to find readers to nominate us for the Nobel Prize for Literature next year — on the ground, of course, that we bring even greater “linguistic zeal” than she “to reveal the absurdity of society’s clichés and their subjugating power.”


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