A song for you

One of the musical highlights of 2004 for me was seeing Leon Russell perform at the Dakota Jazz Club and Restaurant in Minneapolis. I wrote about the show in “Stranger in a strange land.” Included in Leon’s set was his beautiful love song “A song for you.” Ray Charles performed a magnificent cover of the song on 1993’s “My World.”

One of the musical highlights of 2005 for me has been the chance to offer our readers free downloads of the songs of Bruce Thiessen, a/k/a Dr. BLT. Bruce’s site is here. This week Bruce wrote on a couple of occasions with offers for Power Line readers:

To honor all of the soldiers in Iraq, who bravely sacrificed and gave their all for the sake of liberty in 2005, and to commemorate a year that ended with some very good news out of Iraq, I’m offering this song as a free download to all visitors to your site: “My Six-string Weapon of Mass Construction”
Words and music by Dr. BLT © 2005


Yesterday Bruce wrote with one more to help see the new year in with a bang:

I should really give you guys a break, after all, it is the holidays, but, for what it’s worth, here’s my latest, just in time for the New Year: “Right-wing Resolution”
Words and music by Dr. BLT © 2005

And then one more:

It’s a right-wing rockabilly remix of a song that I released a few months back that got liberals mocking in droves, so I thought if the liberals hated it, the song may be one of my better ones. I could be wrong.

It’s my right-wing New Year’s advice to all of those young liberals out there spreading STDs around like they were going out of style. It features a whole verse dedicated to the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski matter, and it features myself on vocals doing my George Bush (41) imitation. And I don’t even have to try. My voice just comes out like that on certain songs. HAPPY NEW YEAR, and thanks for all your support!

“‘GREAT SEX’ CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE” (Right-wing Rockabilly Re-mix)
Words and music by Bruce L. Thiessen © 2005 Right-wing Records


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