A Splendid Evening

Last night, Mrs. R. and I attended the Claremont Institute’s Winston Churchill Dinner at the Beverly Wilshire, at which Mark Steyn was honored with the Henry Salvatori Prize. The evening was delightful. The Claremont people–Brian Kennedy, Bruce Sanborn, Larry Arnn, Joey Tartakovsky, and all the others–couldn’t have been more gracious. The food was great, and Robbie Britt, who sang the National Anthem at the beginning of the program and the Battle Hymn of the Republic at the end, was sensational.

It was a thrill to meet Mark Steyn, who is as entertaining in person as in print. We met a number of bloggers, too: Gay Patriot West, Little Miss Attila, SoCal Pundit, and So Cal Law Blog, and PrestoPundit. Apologies to those I forgot! It was fun to meet Tammy Bruce in person, and we also met Anne Heche and her husband Coleman Laffoon. Anne has a web site here.

Mark Steyn gave an excellent speech, which I’ll comment on in more detail at some point. For now, I’ll just say that, having heard him speak at length on the peril facing the Western world and the fecklessness of many of our “allies,” his columns are too short.

Thanks to Claremont for a great evening. If you’re not familiar with the Institute, check it out here. You can subscribe to the Claremont Review of Books here.


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