An invitation to the dance

My resolution for 2006 is to make some headway in the twentieth-century British novel. I have in mind to increase my familiarity with the work of Evelyn Waugh, Joyce Cary, Angus Wilson, Iris Murdoch, and a few others. In the new issue of the Weekly Standard Christopher Caldwell reminds me that I can’t omit, and should probably start with, Anthony Powell and his monumental twelve-volume Dance to the Music of Time: “Anthony Powell’s century.”

JOHN adds: With all due respect to Christopher Caldwell, the best reason to read Powell’s series is that it’s one of Deacon’s favorite works. Which is why my wife gave me the first volume for Christmas last year. My ambitions for 2006 are more modest than Scott’s; I’ll be happy if I finally get that first volume read!


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