Defeatocrat lite

Ed Morrissey, in the Daily Standard, writes:

The good news for the Democrats is that their leadership has settled on an electoral strategy for 2006. The bad news is that they have cribbed their game plan from one of the most disastrous campaigns in their history. The Democratic leadership has decided to elevate surrender to a party platform for the upcoming elections, with their national chairman, House leader, and last presidential nominee all running up the white flag as the Democratic war banner.

The “disastrous campaign” Ed refers to is George McClellan’s defeatist campaign against Abraham Lincoln in 1864.

In the end, I don’t think the Democrats will run on an immediate withdrawal platform. Rather, as the Washington Post reported yesterday, the Democrats likely will coalesce around a political plan involving “a broad time frame for drawing down U.S. troops, starting with National Guard and reserve units, internationalizing the reconstruction effort, and blaming Bush for misleading the country into a war without a victory plan.” The goal will be to win voters who favor a timetable for withdrawal and, by default those who favor immediate withdrawal. Depending on how things are going in Iraq next fall, that could be a winning coalition.


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