Ho-hum, another Iraqi election

Voter turnout apparently is heavy throughout Iraq, including many Sunni areas where participation is described as “steady and brisk.” In Fallujah, formerly a hotbed of the terrorist insurgency in the Sunni heartland, more than 120,000 people reportedly had voted by early afternoon. Violence is said to be minimal, and the atmosphere at many polling places was festive.

Yet the defeatist Democrats would have us pull the plug (now or in a year or two) on this fledgling democracy, and turn our backs on the brave Iraqis who defy the terrorists by voting, before the Iraqi police and military are fully prepared to protect that democracy from the forces of evil — al Qaeda and the Baathists. This from the party of Wilson, Roosevelt, and John Kennedy.

Via Power Line News.

UPDATE: Less wedded to timetables than the Democrats, Iraqis kept the polls open for another hour due to the surprisingly large turnout. Fox News estimates that up to 15 million Iraqis voted today. There was less violence than expected, and apparently that which occurred had no impact on turnout. Indeed, USAID Mission Director Dawn Liberi told Fox News that “One of the most memorable things I saw were families, mothers and fathers taking their children to the polling stations. It was clear everyone knew what was at stake here and I think it was quite successful.”


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