How Sweet

The folks in Berkeley really know how to celebrate Christmas, as the AFP reports in “Bush Bashing Part of Berkeley Holiday Spirit”:

Bobble-head Jesus dolls and glow-in-the-dark Virgins de Guadalupe were available at Oddball novelty store in Berkeley as Christmas Eve neared, but the last Saddam Hussein and Bush action figures set was gone from the window.

“People seem to be grooving on it. They love to make fun of Bush. They love to hate him,” [the store’s owner said].

Bush is fashioned with cowboy boots, a leather jacket, jeans and a denim shirt. The doll comes with a toy Bible and bucket of oil.

Hussein is adorned with green military fatigues and comes with a container labeled weapons of mass destruction and a book titled “World Domination for Dummies.”

“They are really cool,” a store worker, who gave her name only as “Gina,” said of the action figures. “It is funny, when you think about it, because both of them are so (screwed) up.”

And, for masking odors in cars, Oddball sold hanging air fresheners bearing Bush’s face and the words “dumbass head on a string”.

“Everybody from around here gets a laugh out of them,” Visram said of the Bush-bashing merchandise. “The only complaints I’ve gotten have been from tourists from places like Kansas or Texas. They tend to get upset.”

Bush hatred–the spirit of the season!


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