On yesterday’s election

Haider Ajina has kept us posted on events in Iraq by translating articles of interest from the free press in Iraq. Today he writes with a report from his family in Iraq regarding the election:

I just hung up with my dad in Nejaf. He said it went phenomenally well. He spoke to my Grandmother & my uncles aunties etc. in Baghdad and they all voted. Even my cousin who did not vote in January voted. They are all grateful and full of hope. He said Iraqis are very impressed and honored to be given such coverage all over the world. Iraqi TV is talking about all the world watching them and rooting for them. It was very impressive and very moving he says. The world seems to be behind us and with us. Iraqis had no clue of the magnitude of the international support.

Aljazerah is being condemned by even the Sunnis for lambasting Alsistany (senior Shiite reference). Arab Sunni & Shiite unity is emerging from this elections. Iraqis see Alzerqawi’s days numbered in Iraq. He will end soon very soon my father said. It appears that Alsader the jr. is maturing and joining the rest of modernity in Iraq.

The picture looks so good it is hard to believe my ears as my father is telling me all this. Iraqi media is very upset and angry at Ramsey Clark who they feel is giving the enemy fuel for their fire. As well as the Scottish MP George Galloway is doing tremendous damage to the democratic movement in Iraq. The Iraqi media accuses them both of taking “Oil for loyalty” money as they call it.

A great thank you again to this great country of ours from the Ajinas in Iraq & the U.S.A for freedom, self rule and a bright future.

John Podhoretz adds a comment on the home front: “Talkers here, doers there.” Podhoretz in turn concludes with a nod to those responsible for the apparent success of yesterday’s election: “The people of Iraq, the men and women of the U.S. military and George W. Bush end this year with pride and the knowledge that they have done good for the world.”


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