Remembering the Cuban gulag

Don’t miss Meghan Clyne’s New York Sun article: “Joy, frustration greet release of protester in Cuban prison.” Meghan writes:

The Cuban dissident who as a desperate prison protest took a knife to his face and body – carving into his forehead the letters “I,” for “inocente,” or “innocent,” and “L,” for “libertad,” or “liberty” – was released yesterday after 27 months spent languishing in Fidel Castro’s gulag.

The release came the day after his plight was highlighted Wednesday in a front-page article in The New York Sun that compared his action to that of Medal of Honor winner James Stockdale, who, while imprisoned by communists in Hanoi, mutilated his face by beating it with a wooden stool to dissuade his captors from exploiting him for propaganda purposes.

Please read the whole thing. Congratulations to Meghan and the Sun for their outstanding work on this horrifying story. One can only imagine what the consequences might be if some MSM organ with an audience of millions took up the story that Meghan tells here.


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