Republicans Rolled Again

Oil drilling in ANWR is dead for another session, as the Republican leadership in the Senate couldn’t break the Dems’ filibuster of the defense appropriations bill. The Democrats were willing to shut down the nation’s defense rather than give up their pretense that ANWR drilling would somehow harm the environment. Their position was untenable, but the Republicans blinked.

In another defeat, the Republican leaders had to agree to a six-month extension of the Patriot Act to give the Democrats time to water it down further, rather than making the act permanent. This time the Democrats didn’t even need to filibuster, as eight Republicans joined them in hand-wringing over faux “civil liberties” concerns.

Maybe if they have six more months to read the act, they’ll notice that it doesn’t mention libraries.

It’s a funny thing: when the Democrats are in the majority, the Democrats run Congress. When the Republicans are in the majority, the Democrats still run Congress. How does that work?

Via Power Line News.


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