Steve Hayes speaks

For the past year or two, Weekly Standard writer Stephen Hayes has doggedly pursued the release of unclassified documents obtained by American forces in Iraq as a result of the war. Steve’s most recent article on the subject is “Down the memory hole.” It appears that Steve is finally making some headway in his campaign for these documents. Witness last week’s Washington Times column by Rep. Peter Hoekstra as well as last week’s Arizona Republic editorial.

Yesterday we linked to Steve’s Weekly Standard article on his travels to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan with Vice President Cheney. Now comes Scott Hennen to let us know that Steve will be his guest on the Sean Hannity radio show tomorrow:

FYI re: your post on the great Stephen Hayes. He’ll be a guest of mine (topics: his recent trip with the VPOTUS, the effort re: declassification
of intel on Iraq’s connectiions to Al Queda, etc.) for most of the 3:00 pm CST hour this Wednesday, as I guest host the Sean Hannity radio show. I plan a Stump Steve segment…so all of the head in the sand libs can call in with their “Saddam and OBL hated each other” falsehoods. Should be fun.

The Hannity show runs live from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. (Central), so Steve should be on at the top of the show’s second hour. The Hannity site has a link to a live audio stream of the show.


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