The Democrats are Shocked…Shocked!

I said yesterday that the Democrats would have a hard time complaining about the RNC’s new video, since all it does is show them talking. Silly me. Last night, the Democratic National Committee sent out an email denouncing the Republicans’ ad:

It’s obvious to nearly everyone that Iraq is a mess. Over two-thirds of Americans believe that Republicans have no clear plan for victory and about the same number disapprove of the way the war is being handled. Yet the administration and its increasingly desperate collaborators are determined to cover up their lies, mistakes, mismanagement and corruption.

How desperate are they? We saw a few weeks ago when extremist Republicans called decorated combat veteran and Democratic Congressman Jack Murtha a coward for daring to propose a new plan for Iraq. And today the Republican National Committee hit a new low — even for them. They released a video that, according to press reports, “shows a white flag waving over images of Democratic leaders.” [Ed.: “According to press reports”? Are they trying to pretend they haven’t watched it themselves?]

It’s been nearly three years since we went into Iraq, and things are getting worse, not better. That’s why Democrats, independents, and even moderate Republicans are standing up for our troops [Ed.: That’s not how the troops see it, of course.] and saying, “Enough is enough.” We need a plan to accomplish our mission in Iraq. [Ed.: Actually, what the antiwar Democrats have offered is a plan to give up on our mission in Iraq.]

Jack Murtha offered his — a strategic redeployment to make our forces in the Middle East more effective and get the target off of our troops’ backs — and many Democrats signed on. [Ed.: Note this utterly dishonest characterization of Murtha’s call for surrender in Iraq. And “many” Democrats apparently means three.] Meanwhile, a bipartisan coalition of over 70 Senators came together to support a no confidence measure [Ed.: Huh?] and lay out a plan to make 2006 a transition year in Iraq. No one expects everyone to agree on what the new plan should be, but everyone should agree that we need a new plan. All the RNC has to offer is an inflammatory video and smearing of its opponents. [Ed.: The Democrats are the only party who think that if you show a video of them expressing their opinions, you’re smearing them. They are right about one thing, though: the video is inflammatory. If enough people knew how the Democrats really think, they’d be swept out of office.]

How can you stop this sickening behavior? There is only one language Republican leaders understand — the language of money. It’s what their leaders live on — and what has gotten several of them indicted. If they know that every disingenuous attack means another $100,000 for the Democratic Party, they will think twice about launching them. [Ed.: Yes, all those dirty Republicans care about is money. Show you’re not like them by sending us money!]

Speaking of money, the Democrats’ other complaint about the ad is that it didn’t cost much to make, and the Republicans are airing it on the web, which is more or less free, rather than on television. It’s true, of course, that it doesn’t cost much to make an ad when all you have to do is show your opponents talking. It’s funny how, now that the Democrats have become the party of the super-rich, they resent it when the Republicans get their message out on the cheap.


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