The empire strikes back

Is the Washington Post unhappy that bloggers are breaking the MSM monopoly on reporting from the world’s hot spots? That’s one possible explanation for this piece in yesterday’s Post which casts alternative sources of information about the situation in Iraq, notably Bill Roggio, as a military information operation. Don’t miss Roggio’s response.

JOHN adds: The obsolete media fear competition more than anything. This story is a great example. The Washington Post mangles the facts, either deliberately or out of laziness, to question Bill Roggio’s motives, and the Marine Corps’, by suggesting that the key to this story is “money.” Meanwhile, the Post’s reporters are part of a lavishly funded and monolithic media effort to misreport the Iraq war for the purpose of bringing down the Bush administration. Notwithstanding their near monopoly, the liberal media’s reporting is so patently biased and inaccurate that the mere presence of a reporter on the scene who is not part of their guild, and does not share their commitment to the well-being of the Democratic Party, sends them into a panic. Pathetic.

UPDATE: The transcript of Hugh Hewitt’s interview with Bill Roggio last night is available at Radioblogger.


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