The Last Word on Spielberg’s “Munich”…

…goes to the Palestinian terrorist who organized the 1972 massacre, via Reuters:

The Palestinian mastermind of the Munich Olympics attack in which 11 Israeli athletes died said on Tuesday he had no regrets and that Steven Spielberg’s new film about the incident would not deliver reconciliation.

Mohammed Daoud planned the Munich attack on behalf of PLO splinter group Black September, but did not take part and does not feature in the film.

He voiced outrage at not being consulted for the thriller and accused Spielberg of pandering to the Jewish state.

Daoud helpfully explained the philosophy that guided the Munich terrorists, which somehow eluded Spielberg, even though the terrorists have expressed it many times:

Whether a pianist or an athlete, any Israeli is a soldier.

Which is to say that all citizens of Israel are fit subjects for genocide. It seems a bit pointless to make a movie about Palestinian terrorism, and Israel’s response to it, without mentioning that inconvenient fact.


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