Uncovering the Barrett report

Regarding John’s “Cover-up of scandal at Justice and IRS?,” Tony Snow writes this morning:

I’ve written several pieces about the Barrett report, including last week’s column. Since its publication I’ve learned that the court permitted Carl Levin some time ago to make a highly unusual trip to the courthouse to peruse not only the report, but also some of the raw files used in Barrett’s research. The judges didn’t tell Barrett, who sent a written protest. Barrett was ready to publish his findings several years ago. David Kendall and other Clinton lawyers have done their best to drag out the process and suppress the findings. There’s been a fair amount of skullduggery along the way — including Clinton-era surveillance of Barrett and his team.

This is a huge story. I’ve gotten Bill Frist to say on the record (and on the radio) that he’ll work to ensure full release — but the key player right now, as Novak notes, is Chuck Grassley. I know of only one other journalist who has tracked the story consistently, and that’s Byron York.

Thanks to Tony and his many faithful readers and listeners who have written us on this subject. Check out Tony’s Fox radio show via the live audio stream link on his Tony Snow Show site.


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