What Money Can’t Buy

A successful grass-roots political campaign, apparently. I hadn’t heard of the “Rolling Justice” tour. Supported by the Alliance for Justice, “Rolling Justice” sends anti-Judge Alito activists to towns and cities across the country to stir up opposition to his nomination. I first heard about the tour from Captain Ed; my interest piqued, I did a Google News search that yielded this report from the Craig Daily Press of Craig, Colorado:

A group opposing President Bush’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court visited Craig Friday to discuss the nomination and its potential effects on the high court.

Rolling Justice is traveling across the nation attempting to raise awareness about Judge Samuel Alito, whose Oct. 31 nomination it opposes.

Three members of the group were at the Holiday Inn on Friday to meet with locals.

Rolling Justice is part of the Alliance for Justice, a liberal organization opposing the Alito nomination.

The article goes on to relate the spiel given by the “Rolling Justice” activists. You have to read to the end to realize what a dismal event it was:

No one from Craig attended the meeting Friday, but with freezing temperatures, group members said they weren’t surprised.

From Craig, the group traveled to Steamboat Springs.

Next week, it plans to meet with people in Northeast Colorado.

The life of a traveling activist is not an easy one. Maybe the weather was better in Steamboat Springs, but I have a feeling that the anti-Alito forces aren’t generating a lot of enthusiasm in the general public.

PAUL adds: They can’t even generate much anti-Alito enthusiasm at Harvard. Via NRO’s Bench Memos.


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