What’s wrong with this picture?

It occurred to me after writing about Jim Boyd in the post below that the Star Tribune had one of the worst editorials in the country on Dick Durbin’s condemnation of the detention of enemy combatants at Guantanamo earlier this year. The Star Tribune supported Durbin’s comparison of American conduct at Guantanamo with the conduct of the Nazis, the Soviet Gulag and Pol Pot. It further characterized Guantanamo as a “hellhole.”

We wrote about the Star Tribune editorial on Durbin and Guantanamo in “The Star Tribune is Fonda Durbin.” We then posted a message from the Star Tribune editorial page editor defending the Star Tribune’s Durbin editorial in “Eyesight to the blind.” Hugh Hewitt commented in “Fallen Star.”

I wonder if it was work like this that brought the Star Tribune editors to the attention of the the authorities at the American Academy of Diplomacy and compelled them to tender its award to Jim Boyd for “critical, perceptive and non-partisan commentary on the policies of governments…”


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