Who you gonna believe, Israel or the CIA?

If you’re the MSM, it’s a no-brainer — the CIA, of course. That was certainly the case with respect to the issue of Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. Israel had been warning that Iran could have such weapons by the spring of 2006. However, as Tony Blankley recalls, when the CIA assured us that Iran was probably 10 years away from developing the bomb, that became the conventional media wisdom.

Now, however, Mohamed ElBaradei, chairman of the Internaional Atomic Energy Agency and Nobel peace prize winner, has confirmed Israel’s assessment, telling the British newspaper the Independent that if Tehran resumes its uranium enrichment, as it has threatened to do, it will take Iran only “a few months to produce a nuclear bomb.”

Because these words are not agreeable to the MSM, I doubt that the conventional wisdom is in any jeopardy. However, our security interests may soon be.


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