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We have mentioned a couple of times, but not actually reviewed, Richard Miniter’s current book, Disinformation: 22 Media Myths That Undermine the War on Terror. Having now had an opportunity to read the book, I can enthusiastically recommend it. Miniter assembles an impressive array of documented facts to puncture such shibboleths as “Bin Laden was trained or funded by the CIA,” “There was no connection between Iraq and al Qaeda,” “Terrorism is caused by poverty,” and 19 more. Not all of the “myths” Miniter debunks come from the left; he also skewers the ideas that “Racial profiling of terrorists works,” and “Suitcase nukes are a real threat.” But for obvious reasons, most media myths nowadays are generated by liberals, and it’s liberals who are usually on the receiving end of Miniter’s scrutiny.
Even on topics that are familiar to our readers, like the Iraq-al Qaeda connections and the WMDs that have been found in Iraq, Miniter offers evidence that will probably be new. And on subjects like Canada’s disgraceful role as a haven for terrorists, this book should be read by everyone.
Disinformation is full of nuggets of information and little-known anecdotes, like the heartbreaking story of Daniel Lewin, who was a rebellious youth, a brilliant mathematician, and, for a time, an internet billionaire. Lewin was also an Israeli special forces commando, and in all likelihood, the one man who had an opportunity to slug Mohammed Atta on the morning of September 11. Curious? Read the book! Even the best-informed reader will find lots here that he didn’t already know. The cover photo below will take you straight to Amazon’s Disinformation order page.


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