Let’s Go Crazy

We’ve been predicting that the far left would unleash a media campaign against Judge Sam Alito, simply because they raised more than $20 million to oppose President Bush’s judicial nominees, and spent almost none of it against Judge Roberts. So it’s now or never.
The New York Times reports on an early salvo in the left’s media attack. What’s interesting to me about the Times story is that they actually debunk the claims being made in by MoveOn.org. It’s quite remarkable to read; usually, the Times does this kind of counterpoint to undermine statements made by the administration. It’s really refreshing to see the paper parting company with its usual ally, MoveOn.
I think the conventional wisdom is that the Democrats are just going through the motions, and Alito will be confirmed pretty easily (although most Democrats–nearly all of those not up for re-election next year–will vote against him.) I’m not so sure. I think the Democratic Party is reaching a fever pitch of hysteria on a number of fronts, and there is no one driving the runaway train. So I don’t rule out anything–outrageous attacks, bizarre scenes in the Judiciary Committee, a filibuster.
Still, at the end of the day, Alito will be confirmed.


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