Pictures worth a thousand lives

Thanks to our friends at the Claremont Institute and the Claremont Review of Books for affording us the privilege of rolling out a few of my favorite pieces from the new issue. As I have attempted to deepen my understanding of American politics and history, no periodical has proved more valuable to me than the CRB. It also has fans in the White House; thirty copies of each new issue are sent out upon publication. Subscriptions to the CRB are only $14.95 a year; subscribe here.
The Winter 2005/2006 issue is now in the mail. Today we debut the first of three reviews from the new issue. We will continue to preview the current issue with links to reviews on Monday and Tuesday as well.
The disproportion between the obsessive media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its actual magnitude is, some say, one of the mysteries of our time. How is it, after all, that the world is so intimately familiar with this relative skirmish, when wars with 10, 50, even 1000 times the number of casualties –


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