Let the flailing begin, Part Two

In an earlier post, I argued that the Democrats have a losing hand when it comes to arguing against Judge Alito’s confirmation on the merits. Even more importantly, they also have a losing hand when it comes to the human side.
Alito represents the middle class kid with strong values who worked hard and kept his nose clean. When success came, it didn’t go to his head. His lack of pretention (the source of some excellent anecdotes) came across beautifully in his opening statement.
Alito’s chief antagonist, Senator Kennedy, represents something very different, as do several of his Democratic colleagues to a lesser degree. And while (content aside) some of the Dems come across reasonably well, the ones other than Kennedy who draw the most attention — Schumer and Biden — are as pretentious as it gets.
The most telling moment in Alito’s opening statement came when he described how the privileged and intelligent people he met at Princeton in the late 1960s and early 1970s lacked the common sense and decency that his friends in the neighborhood possessed. The committee Dems represent the people Alito met at Princeton. Alito still represents the people from his neighborhood. The American people will notice the difference.


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