Senator Frist speaks

Senator Frist just joined us to give us his thinking on the proceedings regarding Judge Alito. He indicated that he expects the hearings to come to a timely conclusion and for the nomination to come to a timely vote on the floor of the Senate. He stated that will drive the Senate to finish the hearings this week with no break for the weekend, and will drive the Senate for the confirmation to come to a vote as soon as possible, if not on January 20 as previously agreed.
He referred to the procedural devices to which various Democrats have alluded to put off the committee vote as “feeble” and “insufferable.” He stated that he intends to drive the process “straight through” once the Judiciary Committee completes its work. He acknowledges that the committee vote can be delayed and the ultimate vote filibustered. He states, however, that he has an “absolute commitment” to get Judge Alito an up or down vote on the floor of the Senate.


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