Keep talking, Joe

I part company with those who find Joe Biden’s questioning of judicial nominees tedious. For my money, he puts on the best show in town. That’s because to me stream of consciousness is almost always fascinating, even if the “streamer” isn’t.
Biden’s sessions, designed to persuade us that he’s nice and that he’s smart (with more expressions of “puzzlement” than questions that might help him be less puzzled), generally produce fine nuggets. Yesterday was no exception. We learned, for example, that Biden doesn’t like Princeton. Biden attributes this to his background as a working class Irish kid. But Alito was an Italian kid from a modest background. The difference — Alito was smart enough to go there; Biden wasn’t.
But now check out what Biden had to say about Princeton when he made a speech there a few years ago. Radio Blogger has the details of that particular stream of consciousness which, if Biden were being questioned by his Democratic colleagues, could give rise to the charge that he is homophobic.
Via Carol Platt Liebau


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