Senator Hatch speaks again

Senator Hatch has rejoined us. He notes that Senator Kennedy’s ploy to ask for the subpoena of the papers of William Rusher is the predicate to ask for a delay of the proceedings to digest the valuable information they contain. He believes Senator Kennedy’s questions based on stray quotes from material never read by Judge Alito is “highly improper.” He observes that they can’t win on the merits, they can’t win on the facts, they can’t win on the law: “The whole thing about CAP is to imply that Judge Alito is a racist; yet this is what they’re counting on. Frankly, it’s really terrible.” And this: “It’s all bush league stuff. If we did it, we’d be nailed by the media.”
And this regarding Senator Durbin’s questioning this morning: “It all comes down to Roe v. Wade again…Isn’t it pathetic?”
As for Senator Kennedy’s examination of Judge Alito on “the Vanguard matter”: “Senator Kennedy must think he has a higher ethical standard than the ABA.”
“This is the best they can do? Vanguard and CAP? Why? Because of Roe v. Wade and the fear that the American people may be able to decide it for themselves.”
Senator Hatch says there will be a third round of questions. Republicans should quit asking questions, but it’s hard in the face of the distortions on these issues. The Democrats are playing to the left-wing interest groups.


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