Two more law clerks for Alito

We just met wth two more of Judge Alito’s former law clerks, Jim Goniea and Susan Sullivan (1990-91). They met during their clerkship, married each other and now have two children. They live and work in San Francisco and describe themselves as Democrats of the social progressive persuasion.
They have come out to support Judge Alito as a man of sterling character and an exemplary judge. They say they are confident that he will not advance a political agenda. They say the imputation of racism to Judge Alito and the implication that he supports discrimination is personally offensive to them. They consider it an embarrassment to senators they would otherwise support. Jim describes the venture as a terrible attempt to discredit a man of unassailable integrity in front of milions of people.
Susan emphasized her personal support for abortion rights; neither Jim nor Susan has any idea of Judge Alito’s views on abortion despite the fact that they worked with Judge Alito during the year that Judge Alito participated in the Third Circuit’s decision in Casey. She has written an op-ed that she has titled “Don’t [mess] with Judge Alito.” Only she didn’t use the word “mess.” I have asked her to forward us a copy so that we might post it on our site if it isn’t published somewhere else we can link.
Both Jim and Susan are powerfully persuasive supporters of Judge Alito’s nomination. I understand that Judge Alito’s law clerks are holding a press conference tomorrow. I hope their comments find an outlet in the media.
JOHN adds: Matt Drudge is reporting that Mrs. Alito left the hearing room in tears this afternoon. Senator Lindsey Graham apologized to Judge Alito for the abominable behavior of his Democratic colleagues. Listening to Chuck Schumer this afternoon, I was struck by the resemblance between his mendacious tirade against Judge Alito and the bullying, sinister tones of Joe McCarthy as I recently saw him in Good Night and Good Luck. It will be interesting to see whether this hearing is the event that finally causes the public to see liberals as the mean-spirited bullies they so often are.
One more thing: Russ Feingold asked Judge Alito for a list of all the people he met with in preparation fo the the Senate hearings. How about if the Democrat Senators all give us lists of the people they’ve met with, and received information from, in connection with the hearings? I think the American people would be interested to know whose water the Democrats are carrying.


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