Bluster road

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Senator Durbin is assessing the prospects of a filibuster against the confirmation of Judge Alito. Speaking before an audience of law students, Durbin also announced his own opposition to Judge Alito: “In case after case, he has voted — often as the lone dissenter on his court — against the dispossessed, the poor and the powerless who finally made their way to his court.” Durbin indicted Judge Alito for failing to state his view of Bruce Springsteen without qualification:

“Judge Alito was extremely guarded in his answers. Judge Alito, a New Jersey native, wouldn’t even say whether he was a Bruce Springsteen fan. I asked him about that, and his answer was, ‘I am — to some degree.’ Now he may be one of the few people from New Jersey who has such cautious fealty to The Boss.”

My guess is that Judge Alito may enjoy Springsteen’s music, but not his faux Woody Guthrie politics. Such distinctions, however, would not be appreciated by Senator Durbin, who finds it difficult to distinguish between the American detention facility at Guantanamo and the Holocaust.
UPDATE: At Redstate Leon H. has more on the filibuster option in “The Baucus effect.”