A near-perfect match

The Washington Times reports on the relationship between left-wing Democratic politicians and left-wing blogs. The Times notes that John Kerry, who publicly attacked the Daily Kos in 2004 and removed a link to it from his campaign site after its proprietor expressed disdain for U.S. contractors killed in Iraq, is now a Kos “diarist.”
Kerry spokesperson April Boyd had this to say about the Senator’s new appreciation of the “screw em” crowd: “Whether you agree with all the voices in the debate or not, blogs are modern-day town hall meetings. Senator Kerry likes the debate and the passionate voices in the blogosphere who are determined to cut through the Washington spin and conventional wisdom.”
Translation: I’m damaged goods and can only be nominated as an insurgent. These kids may be an embarrassment but they can lend me credibility as an insurgent. And their ideology isn’t much different than mine.


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