On Podcasting

As regular readers know, I participate in a weekly radio show that you can listen to online every Saturday from 11 to 1 central time; the show continues until 3 pm central time. I’ve wanted for some time to podcast that show and perhaps add some unique Power Line content via podcast, but we haven’t had time yet to get that off the ground.
In the meantime, though, others have added podcasts to their “new media” arsenal. Glenn Reynolds and his wife Helen have started a regular podcast feature on InstaPundit which is also available on iTunes. I listened to the latest installment, which you can get here. It’s a terrific national security discussion with Austin Bay, Strategy Page publisher Jim Dunnigan, Michael Yon and others. Can you get an equally sophisticated discussion of these issues in the mainstream media? Doubtful.
Listening to Glenn and Helen’s work renews my determination to add podcasting to the Power Line repertoire! Stay tuned.


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