SOTU Was Well-Received

President Bush’s State of the Union speech went over well with those who heard it, according to these numbers from CNN:

48 percent of the people who were contacted had a “very positive” reaction to Mr. Bush’s speech. Another 27 percent described their feelings as “somewhat favorable,” and 23 percent of those surveyed reacted negatively to the president’s remarks.

These numbers are skewed, obviously, by the nature of the audience:

Forty three percent of those who took part said they were Republicans, 23 percent said they were Democrats and 34 percent described themselves as independents.

What a remarkable coincidence: 23% of those watching the speech were Democrats, and 23% “reacted negatively” to the President.
From the above numbers, it is clear that the speech went over well with independents. The bottom line, for President Bush, is that it is always a good thing when he can communicate with Americans directly rather than through the usual media filter.


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