That’s What I Call Justice

The web site Blawg Review, which covers blogs by lawyers and about the law, has announced its Blawg Review Awards for 2005. Power Line shared the Best Politico Blog by Lawyers prize with–get this–the Daily Kos. I also shared the Award for Legal Reasoning with law professor Orin Kerr. Better company, I think.
There are many other awards, and, as usual, the main benefit of this kind of thing is introducing people to new sites they may not be aware of. What really struck me about the Blawg Awards, though, was the logo that accompanies the post: this image of Lady Justice, which I think was done by an illustrator for Marvel Comics:
We feel doubly honored to have been selected by such a discerning judge.
PAUL adds: Congratulations, John. Justice Jackson may be spinning in his grave, but your award is well-deserved.


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