Big Green Machine strikes back

Last year Dartmouth alumni elected outsider candidates Peter Robinson and Todd Zywicki to the Dartmouth board of trustees. I previewed last year’s trustee election in “Bucking the deans at Dartmouth” and anticipated the sequel in “The empire strikes back.”

The college wants to prevent the recurrence of the Robinson/Zywicki earthquake and is engineering the adoption of a new alumni constiution to this end. At Joe’s Dartblog, Joe Malchow explains: “Tutte le Macchine, Rovescerò.” In an earlier message on pending events, Joe wrote:

[The] proposed constitution threatens to dramatically hinder future petitioners, [and] steals power from alumni…We need to explain the issues and advocate zealously and without apology for fairness, democracy, and fealty to the vaunted name of liberalism–a name this constitution shames.

Joe is the go-to guy on coming events, and we’ll be returning to him as he adds to his commentary.


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