Blog of the Week!

There are a lot of excellent blogs, only a few of which we link to permanently on our sidebar. On this site, we mostly focus on writing our own stuff, and don’t very often link to other sites (unlike, say, InstaPundit). But we thought it would be fun, as well as a service to our readers, to point them to some of the other blogs that are well worth their time. So we decided to start a regular Blog of the Week feature, where each week we recognize one of the many excellent sites that we read, but don’t as often link to. During that week, we’ll link occasionally to the Blog of the Week on Power Line, and we’ll also put up an RSS feed from that site on Power Line News, along with the ten blogs that are represented there permanently.
The inaugural Blog of the Week is Joshua Sharf’s View From A Height. Joshua lives in Denver, and is part of the Rocky Mountain Alliance of Blogs. Joshua is a reformed web developer now doing financial research. We got to know him as a very early reader of Power Line. He not only sent us thoughtful emails on the issues of the day, but also gave us technical advice back when I was puzzling over how to upload graphics, Scott was trying to keep his Blogger posts from disappearing into the ether, and Paul was re-learning how to type.
You can learn more about Joshua at We’ll check in with him periodically over the next week.


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