Blog of the Week!

Gateway Pundit is our new Blog of the Week. In just a little over a year, Jim Hoft of St. Louis has established himself as one of the best bloggers around. He describes himself this way:

I come from a family of proud Irish, German, English, and Scottish Americans. I grew up in the midwest and learned to love my family, my faith and my country. I attended school in Iowa but have lived and worked in St. Louis most of my adult life. I have made my home St. Louis, the Gateway to the West. I have a chemistry and human resource background.

For a blogger, Jim’s accomplishments are diverse:

I have also played a cop in a couple of television episodes and a basketball player in NCAA commercials. I was pictured in Caterpillar magazines and local publications. I am an avid sports fan. I have a Hole in One medal and a couple of Hoop-it-Up trophies on the mantle that will probably still be sitting there 20 years from now. I play a bass viola and I blog.

It was Rathergate that first instilled the desire to participate in the blogosphere:

I was there on September 8, 2004 watching the fall of Dan Rather.

I was one of the thousands searching the internet and watching the exciting developments as an Army of Davids eventually sent a pompous newsman packing. I was in awe with the greatness of it all….What brought me to blogging was that day in September 2004 and all of that excitement. I wanted to contribute and be part of a team. I was sick of all of the negative messages thrown around out there in the media. I wanted to be part of the team spreading the truth and spreading something positive. The blogs had opened my eyes and I wanted to help out. And, I love being a part of it all!

As Blog of the Week, Gateway Pundit will be atop the blog RSS feeds on Power Line News for the next week or so. You can keep up with Jim’s posts, as well as those of ten other leading conservative blogs and breaking news, by going there. We’ll also link to individual posts on Power Line from time to time over the coming week–as, actually, we do pretty often anyway.


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