Bombings In India: Sounds Like the Usual Suspects

Just in case you missed it:

India was braced for violent reprisals after one of the holiest Hindu cities was targeted by a series of bomb attacks which left at least 15 people dead.
One of the explosions in the city of Varanasi went off inside a temple when it was crowded with thousands of worshippers.

We don’t know for sure who carried out the bombings, but it’s not too hard to guess:

There was no claim of responsibility, but initial suspicions fell on Islamic militants, who have targeted Hindu temples in India in the past.

This little girl was one of many who were injured:
I can’t improve on Glenn Reynolds’ assessment:

Me, I question the Islamists’ strategy of making everybody else in the world hate them simultaneously, especially when they don’t have much power beyond what they’re already exercising.

I also think it’s worth noting that those who claim that the Islamists hate us because of our policy toward Israel, etc., never seem to mention that they also hate the Hindus. What, exactly, did they do?


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