Calling all hombres

Naomi Schaefer Riley is a Harvard alum and former Claremont Institute Publius Fellow who seems to have taken the seminar on “Manliness” when it was first offered by Harvard Professor Harvey Mansfield, Jr. (depicted in the Journal graphic by Terry Shoffner above). Professor Mansfield’s long-awaited (by me) book Manliness has just been published. Today’s Wall Street Journal carries Riley’s profile of Professor Mansfield in connection with the book: “Calling all hombres.”
Riley opens with Mansfield’s reflections on the Harvard-related subject that we have discussed a lot here:

“Defend yourself.” That’s the lesson Harvey Mansfield drew for Larry Summers the week before Harvard’s president was forced to resign. Mr. Mansfield, a 73-year-old government professor and conservative elder statesman of the university, went on to suggest that Mr. Summers’s capitulation to those he offended (when he said women might be biologically less inclined to succeed in the hard sciences) is not simply a craven kowtow to political correctness, but proof, also, of a character flaw. Indeed, Mr. Mansfield continued with a mischievous smile, “He has apologized so much that he looks unmanly.”

Riley’s book God on the Quad takes a look at religious colleges and will be published in paperback next month. Last year Kathryn Jean Lopez posted an interesting interview with Riley about the book at NRO.


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