CNN Launches News Video Service

CNN has inaugurated a new video news service called Pipeline. To check it out, go to the main CNN page, scroll down to where it says “Watch Video” on the right side, and click on the Pipeline link. The concept, as I understand it, is that there will be four simultaneous live streams, and what looks like a vast amount of archived material, along with shorter clips with the day’s news highlights. The live streams will focus on things like committee hearings, speeches, and other public events. The cost is nominal, at 99 cents a day or $25 a year. I’ve already signed up.

News video is exploding all over the web. We’ve ventured into the video market with our Power Line News Video page. The technology and the content come from an Australian company called Roo; there is some pretty cool stuff there, not only headline news, but entertainment, sports, etc., too. What we really want to do, of course, is use the same technology to host our own unique video content. We’ve been working laboriously toward that goal. (Well, we haven’t exactly been doing the laboring; but our tech partner on the news site, iii-Interactive, has been.) The one thing I’ve figured out so far is that creating and hosting video content is a lot harder than uploading photos to a site like this one. But very soon, I hope we’ll be expanding on the custom content we’ve had so far, which has mostly come from our friends at MEMRI.

UPDATE: Ed Driscoll had interesting thoughts on the video explosion on TCS.


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