CNN Transcript Available

The transcript of my appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning is here. I’m not aware of any video yet. The subject was the investigation into the NSA and “secret prisons” leaks. My suggestion that the laws in place should be enforced was considered out of bounds by some.
UPDATE: Thanks to the many readers who wrote to compliment the CNN program. However, the first email we got–it was sent within a minute or two after my segment ended–wasn’t so favorable. One Henry Lowe of Michigan wrote:

You are a traitor of the highest order, and should be tried and executed.
You hate freedom and democracy, the concept of open government and a free press.
You put your party and your god Bush before your country, and for that you should pay dearly.
You secretive Bushite republiscum should be dealt with like Pol Pot dealt with the traitors in his country.
May God curse your home, your family and definitely your party and gods GW Bush and Dick Cheney.
May poverty, disease, calamity, and misfortune be your constant companions before God sends you all straight to hell.
You treasonous republiscum bastard!

We get worse emails than this every day, but still–it’s hard not to be taken aback by a guy who thinks I’m a traitor, and ought to be murdered, because I said that that the laws should be enforced as they are written. And I would hope that even most liberal Democrats wouldn’t hold up Pol Pot as a model to be followed!
Finally, the proprietor of Expose the Left wrote to say that he has posted video of this morning’s Reliable Sources, but he is currently under a DOS attack–the left doesn’t like being exposed, apparently–and his site is temporarily unavailable. He hopes to be back in business some time tonight.


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