Critical mass

Yale freshman Daniel Gelernter announces a new blog to unite college conservatives:

The renaissance of American culture will be the work of conservative students now on college campuses. We have seen religion in America grow weak and we want to make it strong again. We have seen Americans forget the meaning of good and evil, and of man and woman; we want to remind them. We have seen teachers politicize literature, art, and history; we want to restore art for art’s sake, and for the sake of truth and beauty – not for politics or “social justice.” We want history professors to teach us the truth – not feminism, multiculturalism, or the latest revisionist fads.

There are some of us on every campus, but on most we are outnumbered. No single college has the critical mass of conservative student intellectuals we need in order to resuscitate this country and prepare its next Great Awakening.

The Critical Mass blog will unite conservatives on campuses across the country. It is a stream of information flowing through American colleges, growing with each new contributor and contribution, turning gradually into a river of conservative thought. The Critical Mass blog carries the ideas of today’s young conservatives.

Critical Mass ran its first piece three months ago, starting with a staff of three writers from two colleges. We now have pieces from nine different students at five different colleges, and we are ready to announce ourselves to the rest of the blogging world.

Please take a look at our blog, and send us a note if you’d like to contribute.

Incidentally, it was Daniel — and not his father, David Gelernter — who commented at Phi Beta Cons regarding student opinion on Taliban Man at Yale:

The intelligentsia haven’t told Yalies what to think yet because even they haven’t made up their minds. Students aren’t sure how far their liberal open-mindedness is supposed to go.

Hashemi was a member of an evil and macabre terrorist group. Worse yet, he became their official spokesman and apologist to the world for their crimes — the Afghani Goebbels. The Taliban were not, as some suggest, a group of benevolent Afghani governors, but a gang of terrorists….The fact that Hashemi didn’t do the actual killing does not absolve him; Goebbels didn’t shoot anyone either. Equally, the fact that he is now retired means nothing — he isn’t “redeemed” by his retirement any more than a mafia gangster would be. I do not care to have this fellow in my dining hall, my college, or my country.

Based on the mistaken attribution at Phi Beta Cons, I wrongly cited Professor Gelernter as the author of the quote. Today at Phi Beta Cons Daniel comments on the results of a poll of 1,902 undergraduates on Taliban Man at Yale.


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