Freedom In Afghanistan?

We’ve been remiss in not noting the fact that authorities in Afghanistan are in the process of condemning a Christian to death on the ground that he used to be a Muslim. The Afghani, Abdul Rahman, admits that he converted to Christianity 16 years ago, and a captured Bible is a key piece of evidence in his prosecution. Unless something dramatic happens to change the dynamics of this legal proceeding, he will be sentenced to death for being a Christian.

The mainstream media aren’t covering this story. It’s not hard to figure out why. But this isn’t what our troops fought and died for in Afghanistan. Our pal Michelle Malkin has more; we can’t do better than to send you to her site for more information.

This is, I think, a watershed moment. The American people will bear a great deal of sacrifice, but only on behalf of principle. If, after our liberation of Afghanistan, a man may still be executed for being a Christian–or a Jew, although to my knowledge that case hasn’t arisen–there is no logical basis on which our government can continue to request the ultimate sacrifice from its most devoted supporters.


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