Hunter’s pith

John will be interviewing Washington Post film critic, suspense novelist and (with his latest book on the plot to kill President Truman) historian Stephen Hunter at noon Central time. John’s Northern Alliance Radio brodcast begins at 11:00 am Central and is streamed live at AM 1280 The Patriot.
Yesterday I noted that our friends at Commentary have posted a number of caustic articles on the movie industry and its view of America. Among them is Terry Teachout’s “Journalism, Hollywood-style.” Teachout’s piece addresses both “Good Night, and Good Luck” and “Capote.” Rereading it this morning, I see that Teachout quotes Hunter’s Washington Post review of “Good Night…” on the film’s airbrushing of the history that George Clooney purports to tell in the film:

Significantly, Good Night, and Good Luck was bluntly criticized for its distortions and evasions by a handful of mainstream-media commentators, among them Jack Shafer, the press critic of Slate, and Stephen Hunter, the film critic of the Washington Post, the latter of whom wrote that the film “does a disservice to history: it suggests that McCarthy was an arbitrary sociopath disconnected from a larger issue….But nothing in real life is ever that simple, and to pretend that it is has to be a lie itself. That