Inside the divestment conference at Georgetown

Lee Kaplan has attended previous Israel divestment conferences held by the International Solidarity Movement at Ohio State, where he attended undercover, and at Duke. He attended the fifth annual divestment conference at Georgetown University this past February. His long article on what he observed has been posted at FrontPage: “The divestment conference at Georgetown.” Kaplan writes:

A few articles have briefly discussed some of the seminars at the conference and what outwardly occurred there. But the major thing missing in all these reports — that this article will reveal — was the importance of what occurred behind the scenes just before, after and during the Georgetown divestment conference that really shows the current state of the ISM as a movement on US campuses.


Georgetown ultimately embarrassed itself by its conduct at the Fifth Annual Divestment Conference last February, because the administration’s collusion with the PSM/ISM would manifest itself in many ways—this time including violence. And the ISM showed, despite its putting up a good façade, that it is losing ground in America, although I must admit they are only down but not out. Hopefully the revelations in this article will help to take them off of US campuses for good.

I wonder how Georgetown alumni view the hospitality of the university to the hatred of Israel and friendship toward terrorism that Kaplan observed.


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