Israel’s choice

Oxford Professor Emanuele Ottolenghi turns a gimlet eye on the Israeli election results: “Apathy & inconclusiveness.” This is the best column I have read so far on the election results.

PAUL adds: This is indeed a very perceptive column. One of its central insights is this: “What we know now is that once Sharon left Kadima, the Israeli public lost its appetite for change.” In my opinion, this loss of appetite is due to the flawed nature of the change Sharon wanted — a change that made sense, if at all, only with a larger-than-life warrior at the helm. Ehud Olmert hardly seems to fit that description.

UPDATE: Clive Davis did an interesting online interview of Professor Ottolenghi that is available here. From Davis’s post I learn that Professor Ottolenghi is a friend of Michael Ledeen and that he has his own site here.


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