Israel’s choice

At Israellycool Dave is live blogging the Israeli election today. His live blog post also links to other sites live blogging the election, including the Jerusalem Post’s. (Warning: Dave’s site loads slowly.) Jerusalem Post deputy managing editor Caroline Glick criticizes the “the most non-deliberative campaign in Israeli history” and the election’s likely winnner here.

As of noon, turnout was low. Could that have anything to do with the uninspiring options presented to Israeli voters? One option not presented to the Israelis today is victory in the war that is being waged against them. In his speech to the Commonwealth Club this past November, Daniel Pipes explained where the war came from, and how to end it. In his column today, Pipes condenses his thesis to the proposition that “Israel shuns victory.”

JOHN adds: UPI says that “Attacks dampen Israeli voter turn-out,” referring to the launch of a few rockets by terrorists in Gaza that landed harmlessly near Ashkelon City. Scott’s theory sounds considerably more persuasive.

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