Krauthammer doesn’t care who wins…

the Oscars, but, like John, he clearly hopes “Paradise Now” loses, as well as “Munich” and “Syriana.” Krauthammer’s column opens:

Nothing tells you more about Hollywood than what it chooses to honor. Nominated for best foreign film is “Paradise Now,” a sympathetic portrayal of two suicide bombers. Nominated for best picture is “Munich,” a sympathetic portrayal of yesterday’s fashion in barbarism: homicide terrorism.
But until you see “Syriana,” nominated for best screenplay (and George Clooney, for best supporting actor) you have no idea how self-flagellation and self-loathing pass for complexity and moral seriousness in Hollywood.

Krauthammer’s column is “‘Syriana’ feeds our enemies’ hatred.”
Our friends at Commentary have posted a number of caustic articles on the movie industry and its view of America. These pieces perfectly supplement Krauthammer’s column. See, for example, Terry Teachout’s “Journalism, Hollywood-style,” or, for historical perspective, the 1982 essay by the late, great Richard Grenier, “The politicized Oscar.”


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