London Bridge is falling down?

Reader Andrew Bono writes:

I thought you guys could comment on weird goings-on in London. I saw here at LGF that The Telegraph yanked an article.
A commenter here at No Pasaran made a comment about the [Telegraph] being sued for “hate speech.”
And, now someone at the Guardian says via Tim Blair that Mark Steyn has been removed from the Telegraph and the Spectator.
What the heck is going on in London?

The article removed by the Telegraph is Alasdair Palmer’s February 16 report “The day is coming when British Muslims form a state within a state.” The February 12 Sunday Times of London carried more background on “How liberal Britain let hate flourish.” The Times report is more than a twice-told tale at this point, but it seems timely in this context.
UPDATE: Reader Craig Clemens reminds me: “FYI, the London Bridge was moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona at least 20 years ago. The city bought it and it was moved there and rebuilt and is in use to this day.” According to this account, the bridge reopened for business in Lake Havusu City in 1971.
William Arthurs is the chairman of the Transatlantic Institute. He writes: “The London Bridge which was reerected at Lake Havasu is the 19th-century successor to the mediaeval bridge about which the nursery rhyme was originally made, and which was demolished in the 1830s because continual reinforcements to its piers, made over the previous 600 years, were blocking river traffic.” Mr. Arthurs is the author of a “very brief article that appeared in the Journal of the London Society in autumn 2004, about ‘London Bridges on the World Wide Web.'” He attaches a PDF copy of the article to his message, but I don’t know how to link to it.
Another reader writes to point out that Melanie Phillips has written a forthcoming book titled Londonistan on the subject of this post. Phillips herself writes about the book here. Henceforth I will avoid the London Bridge metaphor and head future posts on this subject “Londonistan Calling.”
Charles Johnson follows up on the news regarding Mark Steyn in “British press shuts out Mark Steyn.” In his message to us, Charles tersely notes: “More outrageous news from the UK…”


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