More Katrina Nonsense

CNN and the Democrats–sorry for the redundancy–have jumped on the Hurricane Katrina bandwagon. CNN’s report repeats the factual error that the Associated Press made yesterday, confusing breaches of the levees with overtopping of the levees. President Bush said it wasn’t anticipated that the levees would be breached; the famous video that everyone is watching doesn’t contradict that statement. It talks only about the possibility of levee overtopping.
Is it possible that all of these reporters have somehow missed all of the post-Katrina discussions about the important differences between levee overtopping (widely predicted before Katrina hit, including by CNN), and breaching of the levees, which apparently resulted from design or construction defects? It seems almost inconceivable that all of those involved in misreporting the video can claim ignorance.
The Democrats sent out an email this afternoon that contains a flat misrepresentation:

The tapes directly contradict Bush’s now infamous claim after Katrina, “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.”

That statement is false, and the Democrats must know it. The level of dishonesty on exhibit here is disgusting.


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