MSM Gone Wild

Hugh Hewitt’s show tonight focused on the mainstream media meltdown over Iraq. It’s been obvious for a long time that news coverage of that conflict is absurdly one-sided, but for some reason the issue has suddenly gotten traction. In close succession, we had Laura Ingraham on the Today show, Hugh on CNN, Imus taking a reporter to task, and more. It felt like a watershed moment when, yesterday, the West Virginia crowd exploded when a woman in the audience, the wife of a serviceman just returned from Tikrit, said that the major media “don’t want to portray the good.” Maybe it’s the influence of spring break, but we do seem to be living in a moment when lamestream reporters have gone wild.

I was on Hugh’s show briefly, along with a number of others, talking about the AP’s rather bizarre claim that the audio tapes from Saddam’s office “make clear Saddam’s regime had given up banned weapons….” When, in fact, they include statements like:

Sir, this is a meeting of the highest leadership in our country, we did actually produce biological weapons.


[T]hey [the U.N.] were concentrating their efforts on the biological issue, and it’s a small program compared to the chemical, missile and nuclear programs.


You said it’s for medical purposes, using it for medical purposes only requires kilograms not tons. Meaning that the Ministry of Health can use 200 kilograms the entire year for examinations, but it doesn’t use 37 tons.

Some proof of innocence!

Radio Blogger should have transcripts of the interviews up soon.


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