Pop-Ups Fixed

Most of our readers block pop-up ads, but if you don’t, you’ve probably been driven crazy over the last day or two by the fact that pop-ups have been appearing every time you access the site. This was an inadvertent setting by our ad manager which has now been fixed. Pop-ups should only appear once every 24 hours.
This would have been fixed sooner, except that I didn’t know about it because I block pop-ups. If you don’t like pop-ups–amazingly enough, some people apparently do, since pop-ups have a relatively high click-through rate–I recommend blocking them. This takes one click in every browser I know of, other than Internet Explorer. If you’re still using Internet Explorer, I think you have to download software, but I’m sure it’s not difficult.
Our apologies to all who have suffered through the pop-up blizzard. The fix, by the way, will take an hour or two from now to go into effect.


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