Power Line News Video Is Here

As I mentioned last night, we have been working for some time on developing a unique video capability to complement this site and Power Line News. We’ve been delayed by a series of technical issues, which have now been solved (I think), mostly by the remarkable Joe Malchow.

You probably remember the woman who spoke up at President Bush’s appearance in West Virginia a week or two ago, pointing out that her husband, Warrant Officer Kent Taylor, had taken several DVDs of good things our troops are doing in Iraq, but the media didn’t show any interest. We’ve since learned that Taylor’s videos, along with a great deal of additional material, can be seen at this U.S. Army site. (I didn’t know about it; did anyone?) There’s lots of good stuff there, but it takes some doing to find anything in particular.

So we’ve posted a couple of Warrant Officer Taylor’s videos on Power Line News Video. Here is “Baqubah Hospital;” here is “Broken Soldiers.”

They’re short, but very good.

We’re now able to solicit newsworthy videos from all sources. If you’re a soldier in Iraq, Afghanistan, or elsewhere who has shot home-made video; a witness to a natural disaster; an observer (camcorder in hand) of a demonstration of illegal aliens in Los Angeles; a government agency having a hard time getting a message out; or anyone else with newsworthy video in any format, send it to us as an attachment to an email; our address is [email protected] (We’ll soon be setting up a new gmail account exclusively for this purpose.) Any format will do; we’ll do the necessary conversion. We’ll also edit for length; by sending us video you license us to show it on Power Line News Video in its entirety or as edited at our discretion. If you need to send us a bulkier format, like a DV tape or a DVD, send an email and we’ll give you a mailing address.


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